Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management

CISPL offers Supply Chain Modernization solutions through application of best practices to business processes providing greater agility and responsiveness to customer needs.

The successful execution of this new business model requires an alignment of the supply chain business processes and their supporting IT systems.

CISPL enables clients to more effectively leverage resources and obtain a lower cost structure by streamlining and establishing standardized practices. At the same time client can focus on developing a set of business rules that promote flexibility in delivering full service to meet their customer demand.

The overarching goals for supply chain modernization alignment are with those of the new business model that are an integral part of SCM implementation .These goals are summarized below:

  • Enable any order, anywhere, for delivery any place, using any payment vehicle
  • Become more competitive by improving pricing and shortening delivery times for products
  • Reduce time to market by improving response to customers requirements
  • Provide greater transparency, especially on pricing, order status, and customer spend
  • Provide flexibility in pricing, contracting, and channel management
  • Provide real-time access to information, such as order status and asset visibility; information about the inventory across all stores and depots.
  • Achieve efficiencies and consistency across the organization
  • Reduce cycle time for contract establishment and modifications
  • Reduce complexity of system maintenance
  • Develop a more integrated solution that provides a common user interface across all systems and a single source of customer information while the integration with suppliers is critical to support direct delivery.

CISPL SCM experts provide innovative, responsive, high-quality supply chain solutions to its customers. The underlying IT architecture developed by CISPL SCM experts enable agility in the way that clients operates with flexible business rules and visible information for proactive decision making.

CISPL SCM experts optimize supply chain performance from a total cost perspective. This involves taking a comprehensive view of activities throughout the total supply chain, not only in respect to direct costs, but also in terms of optimizing the level of capital tied up in operations, e.g., operative and strategic purchasing, sourcing, inventory composition, inventory control models, inventory structure ,warehouse management and performance measurement.

CISPL offers broad and functional expertise and experience in these areas. SCM Certified consultants with a background in operations share their knowledge with our clients, thus ensuring that results are measurable and sustainable.

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