Staffing Solutions

Staffing Solutions

CISPL was established in 2008 by a highly experienced team who share a wealth of recruitment and staffing experience. We are able to provide a total front-to-back staffing solution for both our clients and professionals. Our innovative approach combines professionalism, flexibility and a warm friendly supporting team for our clients and staff.

At CISPL we understand that our busy Professionals don't want to spend endless hours completing paperwork so they can commence work with us. That's why we have created a user-friendly, interactive website service where applications can be easily downloaded and completed, but also where our staff can be directly contacted by email, our accounts office can be contacted, timesheets can be printed and availability updated. We are driven to bringing our staff to the point at which they can be sent to work as quickly as possible. We will assist with your application as much as we can whether that involves helping with CVs, organizing immunity profiles or your training needs, because we want you to be earning money for yourself ASAP with all your vetting requirements in place. At CISPL we understand that each client has different needs , hence we cater to the following models of providing staffing solutions.

Direct Hire Staffing

Tried looking for that perfect candidate and yet , somehow they prove elusive ? Already gone through countless applications and resumes and haven't identified the right person yet? This is where CISPL steps in:

CISPL will take over the entire responsibility for recruiting and screening candidates so that the client can focus on his other priorities. By working with a Staffing partner like CISPL, you rely on experienced and professional recruiters with access to a range of recruiting resources and tools to select the perfect employee for you. For direct hires for your organizations CISPL charges you a fee for placing the employee. The fee that you pay us is dependent on the employee's first year salary. Since the salary of he consultant varies from one consultant to the other, the fee always varies. We can assure you that the fee we charge is very competitive and will be predefined before we start sending you candidates for the position .After you accept a candidate and pay the fee, the candidate becomes your employee and you are under no further obligation to us. If you decide not to hire our consultant, there is no fee !

Contract/Contract To Hire

For assignments or project works that require a specific period of commitment or when headcounts are of a business concern, CISPL can provide hourly-rated personnel on a contract basis.

For contract staffing, we will oversee the recruitment, administrative and logistic requirements for the duration of the contract terms. Contract staff comes under the payroll of CISPL; thus saving clients considerable inconveniences, effort, time and money.

Whether you are facing an increased workload, a headcount freeze or undertaking a large-scale project, we have all the answers to your staffing needs.

Executive Search

Our team of search consultants can help you identify, assess and shortlist the world's most talented leaders to join your organization. Our rigorous search and selection process will help separate the wheat from the chaff, enabling us to deliver world-class and long-term leadership solutions for your company. Executive Search is a powerful process by which mid to top management personnel or specialised personnel are targeted and hunted for a client company. Targeted and hunted because the reach by industry is specific and these likely candidates are not active job seekers.

Temporary Staffing & 'Casual Workers'

Temporary staffing is also flexible staffing and the personnel can be on monthly-rated or hourly-rated. They come in handy when you need them to cope with events / projects, peak season work and help control cost during low periods; provide cover for permanent staff on short or long leave periods. It is particularly useful when you have a headcount constraint yet have to get the work done.

Turnkey Solutions

CISPL Turnkey Staffing solutions are the most effective way to reduce the cost of employing temporary IT contractors. Using CISPL Turnkey Services means you have a contract with CISPL to supply Right skills - Right time temporary IT staff to fulfil your project. IT project teams are made up of our own Turnkey personnel, who are employed, developed and performance managed by Certes.

We provide IT consultants and It contractors at all levels and across all technologies. Ideal projects for this type of solution are Business Analyst teams, ongoing application support, System Testing, Helpdesk, Maintenance, and enterprise wide upgrades and roll out projects.

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