Software Maintenance

software maintenance

As systems or business processes evolve over time, organizations must prepare for following types of changes: adaptive, perfective, corrective and preventive. We provide cost-effective solutions to extend your applications' shelf life with a predictable budget. Our clients benefit from reduce downtime, Increase productivity and optimized response times.

Our maintenance plan establishes a structured way of reporting issues and modifications along with suitable maintenance tools such as defect tracking and change management software. Our testing environments are setup to ensure delivery of quality software, performing to specified criteria and to enable final acceptance by the stakeholders.

We monitor key performance indicators and proactively address risks. Support is available during non-working hours to address situations that may require immediate mitigation. Documentation does not end after a product is delivered; it's integral to the entire life-cycle and also pivotal during the maintenance phase.

Our maintenance services includes access to a security team who proactively monitors the latest system threats and vulnerabilities and plays a critical role in system security with regularly scheduled security updates and patches

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