Direct Hire Staffing

Direct hire staffing

Tried looking for that perfect candidate and yet , somehow they prove elusive ? Already gone through countless applications and resumes and haven't identified the right person yet? This is where CISPL steps in:

CISPL will take over the entire responsibility for recruiting and screening candidates so that the client can focus on his other priorities. By working with a Staffing partner like CISPL, you rely on experienced and professional recruiters with access to a range of recruiting resources and tools to select the perfect employee for you. For direct hires for your organizations CISPL charges you a fee for placing the employee. The fee that you pay us is dependent on the employee's first year salary. Since the salary of he consultant varies from one consultant to the other, the fee always varies. We can assure you that the fee we charge is very competitive and will be predefined before we start sending you candidates for the position .After you accept a candidate and pay the fee, the candidate becomes your employee and you are under no further obligation to us. If you decide not to hire our consultant, there is no fee !

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